Karam Bajwa

India Travel Sketch:
Day 2 & 3
India Travel Sketch:
Day 1
Urban Disconnect:
City Growth
Urban Disconnect:
Pedestrian Domain
Poster Design:
Snap Out Of It
Package Design:
Beste Chocolate
Data Viz:
Waste Production
Odin's Ravens Banyan Tree Tastebuds Vulturine Guinea Fowl Recipe for Adventure Motion:
Florence and the Machine
New Yorker Postcard Sketchbook:
Otter Skull Study Layout:
Student Handbook
Theatre Poster
Design: Canadian Stamps Travel Sketch:
Travel Sketch:
Paul Rand

Karam (/'ka:r-rλm/) is a 4th Year Illustration student at Sheridan. He previously completed a degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Having always had the desire to materialize the images in his head, Karam decided to take up a continuing education drawing course at Sheridan which led to his next 4 years completing an Illustration degree.

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